50 superb inspirational quotes from literature


Giving advice isn’t easy.

It takes real talent to combine eloquence and sagacity, not to mention courage to dish it out to all who will listen.

So then, who better to take advice from than famous authors? Whip-smart, erudite and well-mannered visionaries, some of these souls spent a lifetime picking apart human characters, burying advice we can all live by within their flourishes of inky genius. Whether we knew it or not, they taught us a lot.

This charming new infographic, design store MyPrint247 has compiled 50 brilliant quotes of inspiration from famous authors, divvying them up by categories including Laughter, Life, Success, Well-being, Writing, Past, Love, Happiness and Travel – you know, the important stuff.

Take, for example, Bram Stoker’s nice flourish from his masterpiece of macabre Dracula – “Knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker.” Solid advice we can all adhere to, even beyond situations in which the undead don’t figure.

Some of our other favourite lines include Sylvia Path’s “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”, Stephen King’s brutally frank “Get busy living or get busy dying”, and L.P. Hartley’s whimsical musing “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there».

He wasn’t wrong. So start your future today by taking heed from these 50 pieces of excellent literary advice.

Diez años…


… se cumplen este mes desde que, por primera vez, publiqué algo en el ya olvidado Myspace y que luego se convirtió en mi página web. Diez años compartiendo mi vida profesional y personal, mis logros y derrotas, mis gustos y lo que no me gusta y mis visiones más personales del mundo.

Diez años ya de mi primer post, allá por agosto de 2005.

Y seguiré.